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Sweeper Sales Offers forklift-mounted industrial sweepers from GT Manufacturing, as well as Victory Sweepers' T600 tow-behind units.

Whichever model you choose, you'll have the support of SweeperSales throughout your ownership period.

The Incredibly Powerful and Versatile Victory T600

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The Victory T600 is one of the hottest selling sweepers in America. This tow-behind, mechanical sweeping system of the T600 gets its pickup power from a 5.5HP Honda engine. Do not be fooled by that to think the T600 isn't a very powerful sweeper.

The innovative paddle-pickup system of the Victory T600 works astonishingly well on an incredible variety of debris. This includes items like 2x4 pieces, cardboard boxes, cans, bricks and more, all in addition to 'standard' parking lot litter.

Plus, the T600 can be towed by most any vehicle and they run an entire 8-hour route on less than two gallons of gas. If you haven't yet seen the revolutionary T600, which is great for bike paths, parks and rec, airports and construction companies, as well as sweeping contractors, perhaps you should.

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The Innovative, Forklift-Mounted MasterSweep Sweeping System

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When it comes to indoor facility sweeping, as well as for smaller parking lot cleanup, the MasterSweep system simply cannot be beat. If you have a forklift at your facility, there's no longer a reason to invest thousands of dollars more for a Tennant or American Lincoln stand-a-lone sweeper.

The entire MasterSweep sweeping system is forklift-mounted for ease of operation, and offers a very low purchase cost, as well as low usage and ongoing maintenance costs.

You'll find that the MasterSweep will do a great job for you, and the machine is also easy and inexpensive to operate. Plus, because it's mounted on your forklift during operation, you can dump into any height dumpster, something traditional industrial sweepers simply do not offer.

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